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Preview53 Day shirt
Cotton. Flared cut. Oval neckline and armhole. Crochet dicky worked in Irish lace with mercerized cotton thread. The neckline and armhole are trimmed by an embroidered scalloped edge.
Preview110 Bordure
Punto Venezia tagliato a fogliame ad alto (or grosso) rilievo needle lace, made with white linen thread. Floral, Baroque motives. The ground is made with brides covered with buttonhole stitch and picots. The flowers, after the restoration, appear divided in separate groups or elements creating a heterogeneous design....
Preview155 Bordure, fragment
Maybe used as three-pointed cuff. Irish lace made with crochet hook. The ornamentation is composed by a following of pansies on a ground of irregular brides with picots and eyelets.
Preview156 Coaster or setting
Coaster or small setting. Irish lace made with crochet hook. Mercerized cotton thread. Decoration: Irish lace rosettes with several layers of upraised petals arranged as a crown around the centre. The ground has square meshes composed by small chains with picots.
Preview157 Setting
Small heart-shaped setting with an Irish lace rosette at the centre of a ground composed by small arches created by the chain stitch enriched by picots. Mercerized cotton thread.
Preview201 Coverlet
Brussels duchesse, needle and bobbin lace, in which, along with some bobbin-made areas, there are insertions of needle-made point de gaze; bordure made with square-meshed Valenciennes. The coverlet presents a bobbin-made frame on the outer part with a brides and floral ground inspired by Venetian needle laces. The...
Preview206 Bordure
Needle lace, point de gaze. Made in Belgium. Simple needle-made ground. Roses, bellflowers, leaves and small branches and the curved frames are hemmed by groups of threads secured with thin buttonhole stitches, following the point de gaze technique. In the upper part there is a bobbin made ribbon that acts as selvedge.
Preview223 Evening handkerchief
Evening or bridal handkerchief. Linen muslin, wide Honiton lace border. Bobbin made with white cotton thread. The rounded cloth is trimmed by small arches. The decorative motives of the lace, corollas, leaves and stylized branches, are harmonized by a rather sparse, irregular and thin net, trimmed by picots. Since the...
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