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The Collection is his greatest pride and joy. It is the tangible proof of Cavaliere Arnaldo Caprai’s love for the fascinating and intriguing world of lace and the textile arts.

This love goes far beyond simple passion and is constantly fed by research, in-depth investigations and studies supervised by a special in-house Study and Research Centre at the Arnaldo Caprai company. This centre, which was established as a support for the Collection and whose main activity involved cataloguing the exhibits and carrying out minor restorations, is now the main driving force and cultural stimulus behind the Arnaldo Caprai Textile Group.

Internal and external scholars and experts employed by the Study and Research Centre are now responsible for all the cultural initiatives implemented by the group of the same name: from the acquisition, sorting and inventorying, management and restoration of the exhibits, to the realisation of editorial initiatives and staging of cultural exhibitions.

Although he is assisted from the research point of view by scholars and specialists, art historians and anthropologists, Cavaliere Arnaldo Caprai has always had the final say on the choice and acquisition of exhibits. The task of finding museum material is carried out mainly in Italy, but also extends to England, France, Belgium, Holland and Spain.

This is the story of Arnaldo Caprai, the man…a story that for 50 years has never ceased to amaze.
Cav. Arnaldo Caprai
Cav. Arnaldo Caprai
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