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Preview51780 Iron
Mushroom-shaped iron used for muffs. Wooden round base. Metallic vertical axis and shoulder rest. This iron, together with other shaped like eggs or balls, was used to iron particular garment such as muffs, hats, bonnets, ruffles and volants.
Preview51782 Iron
Electrical iron. This iron was an authentic revolution; it was commercialized around 1910, and it was heated through a resistance in contact with the plate. The first steam irons are dated around 1930 that, because of the advancement in technology, will have an enormous success since the end of the Second World War.
Preview51783 Iron
Electric iron. The first electric iron was patented in 1891 by Henry Seeley who created a "Electric Flat Iron", the first iron with electrically heated plate, a gigantic step forward for the ironing world, despite the small inconvenience of having to handle a six kilos tool. In New York, in 1926, was instead born the...
Preview55000 Iron
Smoother iron. Wooden handle. Usually made of simple polished wood, the preciousness of the handle of an iron varied according to the social class of its owner; the ironers working for the richest families did have irons with ivory handles. The fabrics were not set down on a board, they were suspended at the sides by...
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