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Preview201 Coverlet
Brussels duchesse, needle and bobbin lace, in which, along with some bobbin-made areas, there are insertions of needle-made point de gaze; bordure made with square-meshed Valenciennes. The coverlet presents a bobbin-made frame on the outer part with a brides and floral ground inspired by Venetian needle laces. The...
Preview223 Evening handkerchief
Evening or bridal handkerchief. Linen muslin, wide Honiton lace border. Bobbin made with white cotton thread. The rounded cloth is trimmed by small arches. The decorative motives of the lace, corollas, leaves and stylized branches, are harmonized by a rather sparse, irregular and thin net, trimmed by picots. Since the...
Preview231 Bordure
Bordure made for a liturgical alb. Bruges bobbin lace, worked in separate pieces. White, two-strands linen thread, loosely twisted. The wide lace, made to decorate the lower edge of the liturgical vestment, has been worked in a tubular shape in order to avoid making unavoidably visible seams during the manufacturing...
Preview235 Bordure
Bordure used to trim necklines. Bobbin lace worked in separate pieces. Linen thread, “S” twist. Brussels lace. Ground with brides. The decoration of the lace follows the late Baroque style and its wide compositional freedom in the arrangement of the decorative elements, as in all Rococo laces until the half of the...
Preview402 Bordure
Very fine linen thread. Bobbin-made Binche lace. Floral volutes without relieves. Ground characterized by different meshes, with the predominance of the “partridge eye” type.
Preview406 Bordure
Bobbin made. Brussels lace. At the beginning of the Eighteenth century the Brussels and Flemish laces were renowned all over Europe. The most important French designers provided the designs used without any distinction for several decorative purposes. The decorations wind with a continuous rhythm, not following a...
Preview789 Mantilla
Bobbin lace made with black silk. Blonde. Worked with continuous threads in assembled strips. Made in France or Spain, probably in Barcelona. This type of lace gets its name from the Spanish “mantilla”. In the country of origin it was worn over the head, supported by a tall clasp shaped like a comb; it was adopted...
Preview895 Barbine
Barbine used to trim hairstyles. Ribbon with indented edgings. Bobbin lace worked in separate pieces. Drochel net ground. White linen thread. Brussels Lace. Floral decoration with showy Baroque corollas. Among the flowers are recognizable tulips, inspired by Turkish decorations, the carnations taken from Persian...
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