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Preview531 Sampler
Hemp cloth. This strip-type of sampler is characteristic of the European production since the Seventeenth century, especially in Great Britain and in Germany. The embroideries are worked with blue, red, white, yellow, brown and orange cotton threads. The embroidery employs cross stitch and petit point. The sampler...
Preview949 Evening handkerchief
Batiste with wide hand-embroidered border in Limerick stitch. The small centre has scalloped edgings. The border shows flowered branches and frames. The medallions are set in the corners and, along the perimeter, there is a sequence of small leaves.
Preview987 Stole
Handmade embroidery on machine-made tulle. White cotton threads. The edgings are trimmed with an indented scalloped edge. Frame with large arches with eyelets trimmed with buttonhole stitch. In the two borders the floral decorations develop following a vertical arrangement characterized by light floral chains with...
Preview1050 Handkerchief case
Ruby red silk velvet. Hand-made embroidery with gilt copper thread worked in the couched stitch technique. Red satin bow. Gilt copper trimming. Off-white padded satin silk lining. Beige, brown, purple silk embroideries with satin stitch and cordonnet stitch. A cut stem with star-shaped flowers and curved leaves is...
Preview1108 Length of cloth
Unfinished Eastern Europe embroidery. White cloth worked on a regular weave stitched on a cotton cloth. Geometric decorations are hand-embroidered in red cotton thread. Inside the diamonds, outlined with cross stitch, are stylized eight-points corollas. At the sides the borders are closed and framed by a following of...
Preview1492 Evening handkerchief
White linen batiste trimmed by Argentella lace made using the Carrickmacross technique. The linen, embroidered with cordonnet stitch, is applied on the ground. Picots, lined in oblique rows, decorate the net with rather irregular hexagonal meshes, thicker along the edgings.
Preview2452 Needle-painting
Needle-painting on silk. Oval frame made of wood, gilt stucco and glass. Satin stitch embroidery on painted silk. The theme of the painting was very common and appreciated by French painters and engravers of the end of the Eighteenth century that wanted to represent the familiar intimacy, often idealizing the maternal...
Preview2454 Panel
Fragment. Tapisserie panel cut and applied on a ground of green cloth. Green two-threads canvas ground. Silk and wool threads, bullion fringe, dark and light grey, clear, white and brown glass beads. Petit point and half stitch or Gobelin embroidery. For tapestry works large, round-pointed needles with a wide eye are...
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