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Preview50233 Iron
Iron. An authentically complex piece of equipment, with articulated joints to open and close the top. The advantage, in comparison with its predecessor (the slab iron), lies in the duration of the heat, radiating directly from the blazing coals put in the hold of the iron and also in the fact that the ironing board...
Preview50281 Iron
Iron with a core. Metal with wooden handle. This iron has a double bottom inside which was placed a red-hot iron slab in order to keep the heat on longer. Similarly to other “core” irons, it was mostly used to iron lace bonnets and hat linings because of its oblong shape, smoothed at the sides and with a...
Preview50282 Iron
Iron with a core. Metal with wooden handle. Curiously shaped, the iron has a small bar inside that was inserted after being heated. Thanks to its peculiar shape, the tool was capable to reach every corner and the most unreachable folds.
Preview50320 Scissors
Gilt wrought iron. The handle is shaped like a stork with the cutting blades as the beak. The scissors – an essential tool in feminine works - were made in a large selection of shapes, size and materials, and very popular were those shaped as storks or cranes. Further reading: M. Luciana Buseghin, In viaggio con...
Preview50386 Iron
Iron with a core. Metal with wooden handle, guillotine closure. This typology appear around the end of the Seventeenth century and, particularly, in the following century. Known as the “iron of the Enlightenment” it was really suitable to deal with the most different ironing needs, thanks to the numerous...
Preview50544 Iron
Travelling spirit iron. Cruet reservoir and iron-holder. Brand on the reservoir: FABRIK MARKE C K (with symbol of a fish – a luce going through a cogwheel). In the book by D. Yarwood, Fashion in the Western World, London, 1992, p.121, is described and illustrated a similar iron dated to the years. Similar irons were...
Preview51779 Iron
Egg shaped. Wooden, L-shaped handle. The part used to iron was the metal “egg”. This specific type of iron was used to iron the wide muffs, the hats, the bonnets, the numerous ruffs of the skirts supported by the crinoline that needed to be ironed from the inside and that it was not possible to do with a normal...
Preview51780 Iron
Mushroom-shaped iron used for muffs. Wooden round base. Metallic vertical axis and shoulder rest. This iron, together with other shaped like eggs or balls, was used to iron particular garment such as muffs, hats, bonnets, ruffles and volants.
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