Cod. 50166
Ripple or "battitora" to work the hemp fibers. Hemp plants were cut in August, when they began to yellow and were dried for a couple of days. Once the dried leaves were removed, the plants were gathered in small bunches and let again to dry, protected from rain and moisture. Once dried, and after the removal of the flowers and the roots, they were tied in bunches and let to ret in the puddles along the streams for about a week. At the end of the retting, the bunches were washed and let to dry again for a few days. When they were ready, it was time for the "scavezzatura", when the woody stems of the fibers were broken in fragments, and, finally, there was the braking. This last operation took care of the complete removal of the woody residues from the fibers, that would have otherwise depreciated the quality of the threads. At the end of the entire process the fibers were carefully combed.
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