Cod. 50087
It could be a spinning wheel dated to the Eighteenth or to the Nineteenth century, but it could also be a remake dated to the last quarter of the Eighteenth century. In the magazine "La stagione", dec. 16th, 1889, p. 45, is illustrated a spinning wheel with a matching tabouret that is so described: "... This spinning wheel, remembering those of our grandmothers’, is suitable for those rooms furnished in an antique style. The foot is 27 centimetres high and the upper part is 74 centimetres, while the tabouret is 37 centimetres tall with a diameter of 31 centimetres for the seating” “...In the Eighteenth century, when spinning became a fashionable pastime to be practiced in drawing rooms, the spinning wheels themselves became elegant objects made of mahogany, rosewood or other precious woods” (La casa del passato, p. 147).
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