Cod. 2789
Round doily. Needle lace made using the punto Venezia technique with central medallion worked in punto Burano. White linen thread. The central medallion is worked in punto Burano. The theme is classical: a winged child, maybe a love herald Cupid, with a scroll in his hands is riding a galloping four-legged animal. The animal has the muzzle of a horse, two long donkey ears and short goat tail. At the sides are two medallions with winged putti, seated on wavy ribbons. The doily is completed by punto Venezia worked with buttonhole stitch on a brides ground. The lace, that dates back to the end of the Nineteenth century and the beginning of the Twentieth, is characterized by the eclecticism in the choice of classical and modern motives. The lace could have been made in the Scuola di Burano, but also in other areas near Venice where there were lace makers skilled enough to reproduce both the punto Venezia and the punto Burano. (Doretta Davanzo Poli, Il Merletto veneziano, Novara, 1998, pp. 106-107; Paolo Peri, Per raffinare i sensi, La collezione Caponi. Ricami, merletti, abiti e accessori dal XVII al XX secolo, Florence, 1995, ill. 47 p. 86).
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  • Arca di Filo. Gli animali nel merletto
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