Cod. 2568
Linen canvas: regularly weaved cloth composed by an equal number of warp and weft threads for each square centimetre. The embroidery is worked with brightly coloured silk threads and dark cotton threads. The stitches used in the embroidery are: cross stitch, Gobelin stitch, punto lanciato, punto spaccato, punto passato. The decoration is composed by three floral motives naturalistically represented, as if they had been copied from one of the herbarium of the time, and it is accompanied by some moral verses: JESUS-Jesus: harmonious Name / It charms the hosts above / They evermore proclaim / And wonder at his love / O let me taste that ardent love / That saints and martyrs taste above / Jesus shall reign whereever the sun / Does his successive journies run / His kingdon stretch from shore to shore / Till moons shall wax and wane no more. Along the half of the lower border is the name and the age of the embroiderers with the date: Mary Howell - Aged ten Years - 1830.
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