Cod. 2454
Fragment. Tapisserie panel cut and applied on a ground of green cloth. Green two-threads canvas ground. Silk and wool threads, bullion fringe, dark and light grey, clear, white and brown glass beads. Petit point and half stitch or Gobelin embroidery. For tapestry works large, round-pointed needles with a wide eye are used. An old man is seated flanked by two young musicians with a tambourine and string instruments. The three figures, related to the Greek mythology, have flowered wreaths on their heads, wear classical dresses and leather sandals with buckles. Mary Gostelow, historian of the English embroidery, wrote that opaque glass beads did not appear on the market before 1853. The news comes from the article Berlin Woolwork, a copy of which is preserved in the Collezione delle Arti Tessili Arnaldo Caprai.
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